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Costs of Adoption

The cost of adoption depends largely on what kind of adoption you desire.

CPS Adoption

The primary cost of adopting through the foster system will be legal expenses. However, you should also expect to spend approximately $150 per family member to obtain various training, testing, and FBI fingerprinting.  Additionally, CPS will cover up to $1,200 of your legal expenses when you adopt a “special needs” child through the foster care system! They will also provide continued financial assistance after the adoption, and a tuition waiver letter for Texas state college tuition.  Qualifications for a "special needs" child are determined by CPS.  The Perrone Law Firm is contracted to bill CPS directly, so you can adopt a "special needs" child with no out-of-pocket legal expenses!  We charge $1,000-$1,500 in legal expenses to complete CPS adoptions for children who do not qualify as "special needs."

Private Adoption/Step-Parent Adoption

The costs of private adoptions vary widely based on individual agency costs and matched adoption costs. The Perrone Law firm handles legal services for private adoptions, including matched adoptions that do not involve placement agencies. Legal expenses vary depending on the requirements for termination of parental rights, but they routinely range between $1,000 and $5,000. The only cost for step-parent adoptions, kinship adoptions, and private adoptions that do not involve agencies should be legal expenses.  The cost of a private/independent adoption through a placement agency varies widely between agencies.

Legal Expenses

The expenses below are approximations meant to assist you in financial planning.

  • Legal Fees, including the preparation of legal documents, court appearances, etc.
    • Preparation and filing of adoption petitions $1,500
    • Preparation and filing of termination law suits $2,000
    • Adoption & Termination (in combined suit) $2,500
  • Court-ordered filing fees (varies per county) $350
  • Home Study (private adoption only) $700 - $1,500
  • Criminal History Search/FBI Fingerprinting (for each person in home over 14) $40 each
  • Attorney ad Litem for the child to be adopted (private adoption only; varies per attorney and county) $250 - $1,000. Not required in CPS Adoptions.
  • Obtaining a new Birth Certificate after adoption (varies per state) $70

There are many options available to obtain financing for adoption-related expenses.  You may explore the various options here.