The Perrone Law Firm is dedicated to serving individuals who are involved with the Child Protective Services system.  We have represented children, parents, and other parties who desire to intervene in CPS lawsuits.  We are passionate about serving our country's most vulnerable children and protecting the rights of their parents.  Our firm also enjoys representing families seeking to adopt children, both through CPS and private adoptions. 

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Our office is conveniently located in the historic Henson Building in downtown Greenville, Texas and offers professional and confidential consultations with our valued clients. 

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We represent both children and parents involved in CPS cases with the State of Texas.  Our firm believes in protecting the rights of all individuals and working within our country's justice system.

The Perrone Law Firm believes that building your family through adoption can be incredibly rewarding.  Founding partner, Christina Perrone, and her husband, Sam, have adopted four children and believe in the miracle of changing families through this amazing process.

Please call our office to discuss any questions you may have regarding family law cases, child support matters, child custody disputes, or step-parent adoptions.  All matters are handled professionally and confidentially by our firm.

Christina has experience as a foster/adoptive parent and an Attorney for CPS. She's a great Attorney, very passionate and professional!!

M.P. - Child Protective Services Caseworker